Nice little Saturday edition. Unlike Will Ferrell, I actually made it to Home Depot yesterday, and in fact made four trips to hardware stores and cried a lot. Then my neighbor was kind enough to come over and help me fix my sink drain. I really do have the best neighbors here in Bates Hendricks. After that, I read Darwin Carmichael Is Going to Hell and listened to some atmospheric, folky music on Spotify. I recommend you do the same even though today is Sunday.

It’s a collaboration between two lady comics and takes a couple hours to read. Give it a few panels to see if you warm up to it. The main character has been doomed to hellfire by accident and is trying to clean up his Karma. If you like the idea of someone who owns a pet manticore named Skittles who has previously been owned by Oscar Wilde, Teddy Roosevelt, and many others check it out. Also featured: A group of obnoxious stoner angels, many, many mythological creatures. Karma police. It basically has it all. The story arc is great and it wrapped up last year, so you don’t have to wait to find out what happens.

Here’s Skittles.


Here’s the first panel. Click on it to start reading.

introducing DCIGTH

And then while you’re reading, listen to this

And then this: