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‘Ullo! ‘Ullo

My opinion at first is that this opossum is secretly some kind of English comic from days of yore. He clearly has a lot of charm. Look at that mug! “Cutest possum ever” says the photo caption on Pinterest.

But, do opossums have that dark line on their faces like that? Do they smile? I haven’t even started questioning whether they hang upside down holding flowers. Until I find the taxidermy website. Yes, this opossum is dead! Taxidermy: The original Photoshop for cute animals

Happy spring everyone!



  1. Are the delights of piano playing kitten duets forever lost? Replaced by visions of demented morticians stretching the lips of a poor opossum to look happier in death than ever in life? Strange fruit hanging from the poplar trees. Confronting mortality’s cold embrace?

  2. “The original Photoshop for cute animals.” Love that phrase!

  3. Ha — your pingback ended up on their website.

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