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Stephen Fry’s Bacteria Portrait Scientifically Proven to Carry a New Plague

A sensational claim, some may say. And yet The Telegraph’s Pictures of the Day for February 10, 2014, contain incontrovertible evidence.

The sixth picture with caption:


Picture: The Big Bang UK Young Scientists & Engineers Fair/PA

A portrait of Stephen Fry grown from his own bacteria. The ‘bacteriographs’ are made from a sample of the subjects’ bacteria – and have been grown by Zachary Copfer, an American microbiologist-cum-photographer. To make the Pop Art style images, Zachary cleverly exposes areas of a petri dish to radiation in order to stimulate the bacteria’s growth. This creates a photograph grown entirely from the bacteria itself. Zachary is the only person in the world practicing this art, which he terms ‘Bacteriography’. This is the first time his work has been brought to the UK. 

Disgusting enough on its own, but then comes shocking proof of the role Fry’s bacteria painting will play in the future of society’s destruction. Photo 7 with caption:


Picture: The London Dungeon/PA

People dressed as 17th century plague doctors on the London Underground en-route to The London Dungeon, as the attraction is promoting a Bubonic Plague event Outbreak! running from 17-24 February.

I see from the juxtaposition of these two photos that Stephen Fry’s bacteria portrait contains a new plague, introduced for the first time to the UK in portrait form, which will sweep through the world as did the original bubonic plague. Thanks a lot, Stephen Fry. I expected better from you and your bacteria.


  1. While awaiting the plague of Stephen Fry I am wondering if Mad magazine’s Spy vs. Spy visual imagery was tapping into the collective unconscious memory of 17th century plague doctor masks to make an allusion depicting the cold war as an attempt to rid the world of the twin plagues of capitalism and communism, before their nuclear war strategy of mutually assured destruction (MAD again! Coincidence, I think not.) unleashed the power of the atom upon us all.

    Also Stephen Fry rhymes with Spy vs. Spy and the cold war contains the word “cold” which is a virus and Stephen Fry (although a very good guy) is now a bacteria. Although not the same, both plague humanity. As do atom bombs. And overpriced bottled water. Thank you Jen Bingham for once again playing the role of agent provocateur extraordinaire in these end times. Godspeed!

    Should say “Moonbat”
    Where is the “scientific proof” you promised in the headline? This is speculation and commentary. You may put words down, but that doesn’t make them worth reading.

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