This French bulldog, who lives in Seattle and is named Sir Charles Barkley (um!), is lecturing me because I have been moping around, feeling stressed out and anxious on account of a few really-not-that-bad-but-not-that-great curveballs thrown my way over the last few months. It was all stuff I could handle, Sir Charles says.

And also? I live in a world where a French bulldog hanging in a baby swing exists.

However, I’m still pissed I had to buy a new furnace. Sorry, Sir Charles, we can’t all be perfect. I’m ready to be as happy as you are, though. Sign me up.

Just stop overthinking everything, Sir Charles tells me.

And I’m like fine, okay. I’m gonna have a French bulldog in a swing kinda day today.

Picture: Caters

Picture: Caters

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