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Month: June 2014

Your Sunday Comic

Poor ol’ Mr. Scruffles.

From Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal

From Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal

Your Sunday Comic Is Late

But at least it’s completely fucking weird. I guess I need to be watching True Detective?

From Time Is a Flat Circus

From Time Is a Flat Circus

The Thing about Freelancing Is That You Have to Answer the Phone

And the thing about answering the phone is that sometimes it’s a telemarketer. And telemarketers these days! I think they assume that anyone naive enough to answer a call from an unknown number is automatically going to buy some stuff. Because when I politely answer the question “How many miles do you have on your car?” with the answer “I’m not interested in extending my warranty, but thank you for callin. . .” They hang up before I’m done trying to be nice to them.

Also, if you say you’re not interested in buying anything and the person says “I’m calling about your prepaid  HVAC service plan,” they can make you feel pretty dumb.

Phonecalls! haha. They are so crazy. Also, hey Zoolander, your phone size predictions were so off. 



Talk of the Town: Blind Items about People Nobody Knows

talk of the town

What handsome young man was seen rocking black and white plaid shorts with a multicolored striped tank in the Value Village in Fountain Square? His hair was in a ponytail and for one moment I was not able to tell his gender. I wanted to photograph him because he looked so great but was aware that would not be considered very couth.

Looking at tote bags, he spoke urgently into his phone.

“Last time he was out there he developed a terrible addiction to cocaine and was raped,” he said.

Long pause during which the person on the other side of the conversation spoke to this issue.

“So now you see why I’m hesitant and protective. I told him ‘I’m not trying to jinx you.’ He said, ‘I’m a different person.’ But all it takes is hanging out with those same people and maybe you’ll feel like you’re not so different.”

A few more words were exchanged but the young man may have noticed me drifting nearer and moved away from the area, only to disappear all too quickly from the store.


What short blue-shirted employee at the Honda dealership in Noblesville had an interesting interaction with the soda machine?

“Hey hey hey,” he said, making motions with his hands and speaking only to the soda machine.

“That’s my soda, give me my soda,” he began beating a tattoo on the glass

Another employee walked over to assess the situation and nodded at the girl behind the counter.

“My soda my soda,” the first man said.

The girl from the desk walked over and inserted some coins, which knocked the stuck soda out but also got stuck.

The fellow beat another tattoo on the glass.

“It’ll come out,” she said very calmly and deliberately.

He walked back to the service area. She fiddled with machine until the second soda emerged at last.

It did not seem impossible that this was a scenario that played out on a regular basis.


What very fit, shirtless person wearing knee-length checked shorts with boxers showing was seen walking down Virginia street in Fountain Square yelling?

He had blondish hair and looked like he had spent some time in the sun. He sported a large gothic script tattoo on his chest and a gold necklace.

When he got closer, my friend and I realized that driving next to him was a small white four-door car with windows down and flashers on. The occupant of the vehicle, a young lady who was only described as “yelling,” was keeping speed with the shirtless man.

“I don’t understand you,” she yelled.

The young man was variously reported as saying either “You love me,” or “I love you,” in response to her comment.

The two continued down Virginia street, conversing in yells and keeping pace with one another into the distance.

This image is available from the United States Library of Congress‘s Prints and Photographs division under the digital ID cph.3c37305.


Your Sunday Comic

Stop policing enjoyment. Except me. I’m still allowed to do that. And frankly, I’m tired of Bill Murray. At some point, he’s going to be in every photo of every person ever, so just get over it.


from xkcd

from xkcd


Holy shapeshifters, batman. It’s Beorn!

peter holme iii

peter holme iii

Your Sunday Comic

That’s a nasty eye infection you got there, buddy.

From Buttersafe

From Buttersafe

I’m Really in the Mood for a Good Stink Fight

Well, well, well. What do we have here?

This is from PInterest, could not find provenance.

This is from PInterest, could not find provenance.


No really, what is it? Internet rabbit hole indicates a type of lemur. Would you like to know a fun fact about lemurs from Wikipedia? Of course you would!

The males perform a unique scent marking behavior called spur marking and will participate in stink fights by impregnating their tail with their scent and wafting it at opponents.


Your Sunday Comic

Here’s my almost-zero-effort cartoon posting. This bird has knuckle tats! hahahaha.

From Anthony Clark, the Nedroid guy.

From Nedroid Fun Times Tumblr

From Nedroid Fun Times Tumblr

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